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Offering fear-free, LIMA-based, one-on-one aggression consultations, group socialization, boarding, and "traincations"

"There are no words to express how grateful we are to have found Anya and The Well-Mannered

Mutt. We came to Anya after our one-year-old Pitbull suffered a trauma while we were out of

town, and started showing serious signs of aggression towards us in our NYC apartment.

After a disastrous experience with the first trainer that we hired, we were hopeless and thought

there was no way we could keep this puppy that we had come to love.

After meeting Cosmo and him spending time with Anya at her facilities, we finally felt we had

found someone who deeply understood Cosmo and the root of his issues. She walked us through

all our options, provided us with resources, and became a real partner with us in the process.

After even a few days of employing the training techniques and skills that she gave us, we started

seeing real improvement and a remarkable change in his behavior. Anya never made promises, just took things one day at a time training us as much as she was

training our dog.

One year later, Cosmo is still a work in progress but he recently celebrated his second birthday

and there is no way that would have happened without Anya and her team. I cannot recommend

her enough for any need you may have with your dog."

- Jenny, Taylor and Cosmo

A Different Approach to Training, so 
You Don’t Have to Fight with Your Dog Every
Step of the Way

Are the traditional training methods not working for you?
Have you had dogs before, and this one is just a bit different?  
Are you looking for preventative training for behavioral issues?

Do you want to learn more about enrichment and biological fulfillment?

Your relationship with your dog is everything, but sometimes those relationships need extra love, attention, and a reset. If your dog appears disobedient, it isn't because it believes it is dominant or that you need to be the alpha. Let's put that assumption to rest. It's just about teaching your dog what you want them to do in certain situations. Our dogs live in a benevolent dictatorship where their needs are likely not being fulfilled. It's part of the exchange of them getting the safety of a home, but we have to honor that dogs do not just inherently trust us and know what to do.


Together, we will work as a team to improve and change your dog's behavior. Based on your dog's prior history, your family's situation, and the dog's daily environment, I'll work with you to create a training plan that can be implemented quickly and effectively. 

During our lessons, I'll observe and explain your dog's behavior. I'll then demonstrate and instruct you on how to implement some safe training techniques to change your dog's behavior. You'll learn about the science behind the behavior and training techniques. 


Complete Questionnaire

Let us get more background information about your dog! Let us know anything that concerns

you, what behaviors your dog shows, and what you would like to work on. So much can be missed

over the phone - the devil is in the details!


Schedule a discovery Zoom and an in-person evaluation!

After reviewing your questionnaire, we will reach out to schedule a Zoom meeting to go over our

plan before we meet in person, and then come to our facility so we can meet you and your dogs! Evaluations are about an hour long. You will receive suggestions to help you on your journey

and access to the relaxation protocol and general training plans.


The work (& fun) begins!

Join a recommended program to bring your relationship with your dog to the next level. We have programs for dogs in need of space, stranger danger, puppies, and more.

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