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Well Mannered Mutt's
Really Relaxed Class

A Deep Dive Course to Elevate Your Skills to Cultivate a Calm, Easy Companion Dog!

Well Mannered Mutt Graduate

Are you struggling to manage your hyperactive, overly aroused, and occasionally exasperating dogs?


Hi 👋 I'm Anya, owner and Behavior Consultant at Well Mannered Mutt.

Would you just like your dog to lie down next to you at the coffee shop and need a little guidance getting there? Look no further. With over 15 years of experience fostering over 300 pit bulls from diverse shelter backgrounds, I've gathered invaluable insights that I'm eager to share with you.

Our specialized course is tailored to address the needs of dogs that tend to become excessively excited, jumpy, and uncertain about how to settle down. While it might seem overwhelming, especially if your dog lacks a strong training foundation, we only require 15 minutes a day, broken into brief three-minute sessions. Learn to reward positive actions, shifting your dog towards calmness. Blend this approach with enriching activities for a harmonious partnership. Transform your dog's behavior and strengthen your bond—join us today!

In This Course, You Will Learn