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Supply List

I often get asked my recommendations for dog toys and enrichment items so I thought i'd put together a list for you.

To start with, I really recommend people sign up for bark box- its a great subscription company that send great dog toys (really well made) and high quality chews and treats. If you have a serious chewer who destroys toys in a second there is a extreme chewer box as well that my dogs get :)

To start with: Dog food- I really recommend people put their dogs on a raw food diet if possible. There's a lot of research being done on the link between gut health and behavior health and raw food has really helped a whole lot of my clients. If this is not an option, I recommend Ziwi Peak, Orijen, Merrick, Wellness, or taste of the wild. For the fundamentals of training- you will need:

- A treat pouch- I like this one because it has room for food, poop bags, and a clicker as well as having a bunch of extra attachments you can use with a caribener (if you need somewhere to put your muzzle or something else)

- Leashes: I recommend everyone have a biothane long line (20-30 feet) as well as a 6 foot regular leash

Bully Sticks Crates- IF YOU ARE ADOPTING A DOG- I know this is expensive BUT I have literally never had a dog escape from one of these. A lot of the dogs I have brought home from shelters have suffered some minor separation anxiety or crate phobia and this has really helped me. Once a dog learns they can get out of the wire crates, it’s really dangerous (I’ve had dogs get their heads stuck and rip off nails trying to get out of a crappy cheap wire crate) I promise you will not regret this purchase long term AND it’s on wheels so It’s super easy to move AND has a tray at the bottom that comes out for easy cleaning!

Dog Bed- almost ALL of my fosters love these beds Puppy training

Grass Patch


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