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Puppy Series 101- specific socialization

Before the age of 14 weeks, your puppy should be exposed to different people, noises, animals, environments, and handling but i’m not sure this is specific enough.

In terms of animals, your puppy should be exposed to:


  • DOGS: large dogs, small dogs, fluffy dogs, male dogs, female dogs, older dogs, and young dogs

- CATS: cats and kittens - Birds - Farm animals- horses, cows, sheep, rabbits, rats, and chickens! - PEOPLE→ - Women, men, teenagers, infants - toddlers crawling, toddlers walking - Men with beards, men wearing has, men with deep voices, men in uniform (delivery man, mailman) , tall men, elderly men - people with hats and helmets - people with canes, walkers, and wheelchairs - people on a bicycle - people limping or injured - homeless people - people with hoods - people with umbrellas - NOISES- (I love the sound app Puppy School for desensitization) - trucks - vaccuum cleaners, brooms, mops - fan - slamming doors - music - street sweeper and garbage trucks - motorcycles - plows - door bell - trains/ buses - honking and sirens - fireworks - busy traffic - instruments - ENVIRONMENTS - vet - park - new houses - elevators - car rides - beach - stairs - stores - playground - crowds - different types of flooring- tile, wood, grass, sand, carpet, gravel - puddles, mud - novel objects - being alone HANDLING→

  • Being touched and picked up

  • Ears, tail, paws (examine and nail trims), eyes (cleaning), teeth (check and brush)

  • Brushing

  • Bathing and drying off

  • Wearing collar

  • Wearing harness

  • Being restrained

  • Being tethered

  • Wearing clothes


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